Buckeye Trail Blitz

Welcome to your one stop page for everything Buckeye Trail Blitz related! If you are new to the Blitz please take a moment to read the information below about the event and why it is important. If you participated in a previous Blitz feel free to jump to a section below for the information that you need.

What is the Blitz?

The Buckeye Trail Blitz is an event that coincides with National Trails Day, an event that is sponsored by the American Hiking Society and motivates hundreds of thousands of people to get out and enjoy their local trail systems. To find out more information about National Trails Day and the American Hiking Society click the link below:

National Trails Day.

The BT Blitz is based around the idea of getting our trail users out to enjoy the BT during this event, but we added a twist to the celebration. We challenge our trail users to do maintenance of any kind while they are out. Our goal is to maintain the WHOLE BT during the event. As BT users, this is a great opportunity for us all to chip in and make certain that the trail is clear for our hikers and gives you the opportunity to report any major issues on the trail that may need the attention of our Buckeye Trail Crew members.

When is the 2017 Blitz?

In 2017 the BT Blitz will take place over a longer time span than it did in 2016. The Blitz will begin on Sunday May 28th and end on Sunday June 4th. This gives us a full week to get out and clean up the trail!

Download this flyer for info about special opportunities for Scouts offerred by the BTA BLITZ for National Trails Day 2017.

What type of Projects can I do?

Any! You do not have to be a trail building master to participate in the Blitz and you do not necessarily have to be completely devoted to trail maintenance while you are out. If you are knowledgeable about maintenance and can use tools such as chainsaws, pulaski’s, mowers and weed whips then you may be able to cut trees that are blocking the trail or fix larger trail issues. If you are not able to use tools like these you can take a pair of pruners out and clip back vegetation out of the trail or even take some paint and a brush with you on a hike and refresh old blue blazes. The sky's the limit!

What about Training?

While we do offer volunteer training sessions from time to time, the best way to get trained is to volunteer with our Buckeye Trail Work Crew at a work party! This is a great way to learn about the trail and make some new friends. Trail Crew leaders will go over safe and proper tool use and you will have a great time while learning! To find a Work Party close to you click on the link below:

BT Work Parties.

How can the BTA Help me or my Group?

We are here to help! First fill out the form that is linked below. This will give you the opportunity to request tools and training. We are limited on resources so we may not be able to fulfill all requests so the earlier you can get them in the better.

If you plan on painting blazes the BTA can reimburse you for purchasing paint that will be used. Be sure to first check with your local Section Supervisor to see if they have paint and supplies on hand.

We can also help you to promote an event if you are planning to work as a group. We will put your event and contact information on our BT Blitz Google map as well as in the monthly Volunteer Newsletter. Blitz events can also be promoted through our social media avenues such as Facebook and Meetup groups.

Lastly, after you register to take place in the Blitz, we will send you a copy of our Maintainers Guide. This will have everything from proper blaze sizes to how to request for a reimbursement.

What if my organization already has an event on that day?

I realize that you may want to participate but are already hosting a National Trails Day event of your own. The good news is that many of these events are already on the BT, you may see this as a conflict but I see it as a great way to partner on the event. If you are already planning on maintaining trail that is perfect, let us know where and we will mark that area as covered and help promote it if you wish. After the event send us a copy of your volunteer sign in sheets and we will add the hours into our event. If you are planning on leading a hike on the BT, you and your hikers could easily add some light maintenance such as removing debris from the trail or even stopping to repaint some faded blazes.

I’m in! What do I do next?

Below is a link to our registration form. Fill out as much information as you can. We understand that you may not have all the info and that plans may change. That is ok, just be sure to let us know if they do.

Register your Blitz event!

Once the form is submitted you will hear from our Volunteer Coordinator and he will set up a time to talk about your event and needs.

Take to social media! Let your friends know what you are doing! Make it a fun day of hiking with friends!

Register your event with the American Hiking Society on their webpage. This can be done by following the link below:

National Trails Day

2016 Blitz Report

June 4th was National Trails Day and the Buckeye Trail Blitz for 2016! We had 40 volunteers work 182 hours to clean up over 100 miles of Buckeye Trail on that day! This is a significant accomplishment and help to the BTA. In one day we were able to upkeep over 100 miles of trail for our day, weekend and thru hikers! Thank you!