Become a “Library Patron” . . .

We want to put Trailblazer in your local library! Why? It is important to let as many people know about the Buckeye Trail as possible, and a top-notch magazine sitting on the shelf at a public library is sure to be noticed.

But we need your help!

Libraries today have very limited budgets to acquire new material. The Buckeye Trail Association also has a limited budget. So we are asking you to sponsor your local library (and others if you wish) as a Buckeye Trail Library Patron. For $10.00 (our cost), you can provide Trailblazer to your library for the coming year. We will send the library a card announcing your gift with their first copy.

To sponsor a Trailblazer subscription, please send an e-mail to with the name and address of the library you wish to sponsor. If it is still available, we will notify you and provide instructions for making payment.

Use the button below to pay via Paypal AFTER we confirm your selected library is available.

Enter number of libraries sponsored: