Live, Breathe, Hike . . .

Thank you for Living, Breathing and Hiking Ohio’s Buckeye Trail!

Following the blue blazes of the BT leads us to great places, adventures, and people. We hope that your experiences on the BT inspire you to support the Buckeye Trail Association today by kicking off a campaign to grow our membership, volunteerism, and enjoyment of our trail.

Click the “Donate” button to support the important work of BTA Volunteers and Staff today!

Seeing the BT logo and blue blaze here may trigger a memory of your experiences with the BT. Are you…

  • Walking down the trail past a carpet of spring wildflowers, persevering through the heat of summer, rustling through golden fall foliage or leaving tracks in the snow across a crisp winter landscape?
  • Finding friends, discovering new places or finding yourself on the BT?
  • Hiking in solitude, using the BT as an excuse to connect with an old friend, or a chance to meet up with new friends?
  • Disconnecting from work and stress to venture out where there is no cell service? Or are you serving others by volunteering, giving back, in the back country or the back room? Or…
  • Strolling down a historic canal towpath into the next Trail Town to refresh yourself at the local pub with good food, good drink and good friends?

Whichever stroll you are taking down that memory trail… you, and thousands more like you, are Living, Breathing and Hiking Ohio’s Buckeye Trail everyday in your own way. In 2016 we’re focusing our staff and volunteer efforts on a campaign to grow our membership, volunteerism, and participation in our organized adventures. What is “Live, Breathe and Hike”?

Living the Buckeye Trail through membership!

We need more members just like you… so we’re organizing a Live, Breathe and Hike! membership drive and you can help right now by giving a discounted gift of BTA membership.

In addition, we continue to hold new membership events planned at various locations around the state. Visit our Live, Breathe, Hike Membership Opportunities page to find an event near you!

Breathing the BT through Volunteerism!

We’re riding our momentum and DOUBLING our commitment from 10 to 20,000 volunteer hours on the BT before October 1, 2016! You can help right now by registering as a BTA Volunteer to learn about opportunities, encouraging a friend to sign up or by connecting us with local volunteer groups. Contact us at

Hiking the BT as a Destination!

Above all, get out and enjoy the BT and share those trail experiences with others! One way we can share is growing the crowd at BT adventures such as winter hikes, BTA Chapter events in the Miami Rivers , Muskingum Lakes, and Little Cities of the Forest regions and E.G.G.S. Hike, and Buckeye TrailFest at historic Zoar Village, May 12-16,2016 (Mark your calendars.)

It is encouraging to see new names and faces on our social media (#buckeyetrail, #livebreathehike) – hikers who are catching the BT bug, asking questions, posting hike photos, and putting the BT on their bucket lists. It is inspiring to see BT members, hikers, and volunteers encouraging that interest, sharing resources, and serving as their Buckeye Trail Angels. There is a strong connection between hiking, volunteerism and membership – and the future of the BT.

Our campaign to reach out will also require a lot of work by BTA staff and volunteers to create a great return on the experiences the BT provides. As a volunteer-based nonprofit organization we depend on Buckeye Trail enthusiasts like you to invest first in the BTA mission. Please consider making a contribution to the BTA today!


Become a Member, Volunteer, and above all…. Take a Hike!

"We all believe in what we’re doing, everyone shares a common goal of improving the Buckeye Trail. That’s one thing that unites us all. When we all get together it’s really fun to see that cooperation and the results that occur when a lot of people get together and finish a project at the end of the day. I find that immensely rewarding and it’s just fun!” ~BTA Volunteer

“I have met so many friends. I didn’t expect to do that. I’ve got this huge network of friends from the trail.” ~BTA Volunteer

“It’s a sort of meditative state. You get into a hiking rhythm and certain parts of your brain are engaged with the physical activity and other parts are just free to ignore that stuff and go in other directions.” ~Buckeye Trail Hiker

“I’m afraid if we don’t preserve it we won’t know what Ohio is all about. We won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of Ohio, the wildflowers, the trees, the birds and the animals. I think we need that, we’re part of that. I think it’s important that we know our place, or piece of it and where we fit in.” ~Buckeye Trail Hiker