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Trail Description

Hiking Minster to St. Marys.
Preston Bartlett

Supervisor: Marion Shoffner

45 Total Miles / 30.3 Off Road Miles (67.3%)
Map Publication Date: March 2014

This section follows the old Miami-Erie Canal for just about its entire length. The canal was built in the 1830's between the Ohio River and Lake Erie. You will walk past many of the original locks as you start the section in Lockington. Most of the walk will be along the original towpath, though some road walking is used where the towpath is gone. The trail passes through the old canal towns of Minster, New Bremen and St. Marys before ending in the village of Kossuth.

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Trail Alerts

  • (11/5/15)Once again, it has been called to our attention that it is unwise to park along Stoker Road anywhere near Point 7. Point 7 is where the Miami & Erie Towpath Trail intersects Stoker Road. The local land owner who lives on the north side of Stoker Road firmly believes that the canal right-of-way that continues northwest across his property also belongs to him. Any possible infringement of his supposed property rights results in a call to the Shelby County Sheriff's Office. Avoid this inconvenience by parking elsewhere.
  • (7/2/15) This Alert describes a detour on the trail between Pt 10 and Pt 11 in the St Marys Section. The bridge at the breach in the towpath about ¼ mile ahead has washed out. Unfortunately, this washout effectively closes the trail between here and Cardo Rd. This Alert works for the March 2014 Edition of the St Marys Section map as well as many of an earlier vintage. There is no significant difference in trail length.
    CW CCW Pt
    10 Towpath at SR-66 in Newport (P, stores)
    Temporarily, BT turns N onto SR-66 through Newport and passes the entrance to Hickory Hill Lakes Campground (937-295-3000) in about ½ mile. In 4600' as SR-66 continues N, BT turns W onto Cardo Rd.
    A Cardo Road (C-91) at Towpath
    In 3900', BT reaches the remains of the canal and the end of the detour. Rejoin BT heading N beside dry canal towards Pt 11 at Loy Rd.

Map Updates

  • (7/1/16) St Marys Section - Map Edition of March 2014

    This change does not affect the route of the trail. However, the method for obtaining the permit that is required to stay overnight at Lockington Reserve near Point 2 has changed. This location is listed on the map as Item 1 under "Camping Facilities." Rather than contact Barb Heilers as shown there, use the link below. To apply for the permit, complete this request form in advance of your stay.
    Permit request form .

  • (11/5/15) St Marys Section - Map Edition of March 2014

    Please note that Point 6 on the St Marys Section Map Edition of March 2014 is incorrectly placed. The map shows the point located on Pampel Road at the towpath just north of Point 5. Point 6 should be located at Miami and Erie Towpath Trail at Dawson Road as its title line reads. The text reads correctly.

  • (10/12/15) St Marys Section - Map Edition of March 2014

    During compilation of the St Marys Section Edition of March 2014, the accumulated distance to Point 18, Trail Bridge across Miami and Erie Canal, was calculated incorrectly. The clockwise distance should read 25.6 and the counterclockwise distance should read 19.9. We apologize for any inconvenience this error may have caused.

  • (6/29/15) St Marys Section - Map Edition of March 2014

    This change does not affect the route of the trail.Under camping facilities, add a 7th location:

    7. At Lock Fourteen Park between Pt 24 and 25, you may camp on the lawn around the parking area east of the canal. Notify Heritage Trails Park District, at , 24 hours prior to camping so that they can notify the Sheriff's Office. This will avoid a possible rude awakening in the wee hours of the morning.

    NOTE: BTA recommends that you not leave your equipment at this location unattended. The location is both public and unguarded.

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