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Trail Description

New BTA Trail in AEP
Herb and Susie Hulls

Supervisor: Herb and Susie Hulls

58.1 Total Miles / 19.1 Off Road Miles (32.9%)
Map Publication Date: August 2014

Almost all of the Stockport section is hilly and timbered with small to medium farms scattered throughout. About three fourths of the trail follows township or back roads that are little used. The 18 plus miles of off road trail through American Electric Power ReCreation lands is an enjoyable hike where many lakes and beaver dams can be seen. Camping and water are available at AEP Woodgrove Campground H on Morgan County Road 27. Other off road sections are around the villages of Stockport and Chesterhill. The historic town of Stockport is very nice with some stores and restaurants plus the beautiful Muskingum River with tables and pit toilets at the bridge. The few towns the trail passes through are small but nice with small stores.

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Map Updates

  • (7/1/17)Trail Change

    This trail change alerts you to a condition that you may notice between Points 24 and 25 on your Stockport Section Map, Edition of August 2014. Newburn Road or Drive, which connects Points 24 and 25, has been decommissioned. In addition, the road at the west end is blocked by logs with signs marked “Closed” or “Private.” There is no change in access, distance, or directions. However, because maintenance is no longer the responsibility of Morgan County and road conditions may deteriorate as a consequence, we added the coordinates of the two points and noted that the route crosses Goshen Run twice and an intermittent tributary once.

    CW CCW Pt
    24. Hoffman Rd (T55) at Newburn Rd
    This intersection is located at 39.52438N, 81.89452W. Although Newburn Rd has been decommissioned, BTA has permission by easement to continue hiking along this road which follows Goshen Run. Exit Hoffman Rd. Head generally W on Newburn Rd. There are several fords along the road; Goshen Run (0.20 mi), an intermittent tributary to Goshen Run (0.30 mi) and Goshen Run ( 0.19 mi) again.
    25. Newburn Rd at Wood Rd (C53)
    The location of this point is 39.52301°W, 81.90936°N. See information at Pt 24. Turn N on Wood Rd. Return to the trail description in your current Stockport Map.
  • (8/25/14)Trail Updates for Stockport

    This Trail Change supersedes the Trail Change dated 11/18/13. It updates the Stockport Section Map dated January 2013 to include the loss of off-road trail between Pt 6, BT at McMannis-Riggs Rd (T946), and Pt 7 as defined on the January 2013 map as well as the recent return of the trail to the Williams Covered Bridge.
    The changes near McMannis Riggs Road are described first. Distances are somewhat different due to a more recent survey of the trail between Pt 3 and Pt 4. Note that Pt 7 is redefined below as “McMannis-Riggs Rd (T946) at Onion Run Rd (T232)”. Note also that a new campsite has been added between Pt 6 and Pt 7. Details follow. “Between Pt 6 and Pt 7, Jay Stout permitted BTA to construct a shelter that is free to the hiking public. Contact the Stouts at least 1 day before you expect to be there at either 304-210-7728 or 740-525-5784 to let them know that you will be there.”
    The changes near the Williams Covered Bridge are described next (Pt 18, Pt 19 and Pt 20.) Some of the former off-road trail in the vicinity has been lost but some has been restored.
    Finally, see the table that shows the current point numbers, clock-wise and counter clockwise distances and the location of each point.

    CW CCW Pt
    5. Culvert across McMannis-Riggs Rd (T946)[39.653733°N, 81.699633°W]
    BT fords Onion Run twice in this segment. If you see evidence of unusually high water, you may want to follow McMannis-Riggs Rd W to Pt 6.
    Follow BT S through woods and open fields. After 2 mi, ford Onion Run a second time and soon (0.12 mi) reach McMannis-Riggs Rd.
    6. BT at McMannis-Riggs Rd (T946) [39.632467°N, 81.698744°W]
    7. McMannis-Riggs Rd (T946) at Onion Run Rd (T232)
    Here is the junction with a blue-blazed loop trail that is called The Wilderness Loop (TWL) for its pleasantly undeveloped nature. TWL comprises a loop that joins NCT in Wayne National Forest in Monroe and Washington Counties with BT in AEP ReCreation Land. TWL E (CCW) from here is described first in the WHIPPLE SECTION and later in the ROAD FORK SECTION. The description is completed in BELLE VALLEY SECTION (Pt 25 to Pt 30) and STOCKPORT SECTION (Pt 1 to Pt 7). TWL is 145.2 mi long, a distance that includes 57.1 mi off road. Few services will be found along the route.
    Go SW on Onion Run Rd SW across Onion Run (0.2 mi). After 0.4 mi where Onion Run Rd ends, turn S onto Slivka Rd (C106).
    18. Lightner Ridge Rd (T22) at Tabor Ridge Rd (C66)
    Lightner Ridge Rd ends. Go NW on Tabor Ridge Rd past Newman Lane (0.11 mi, T28A, exits W) and Cain Ln (1.0 mi, T49, exits NE).
    19 Tabor Ridge Rd (C66) at Goshen Run Rd (C52)
    Tabor Ridge Rd ends. Go S on Goshen Run Rd, descending slowly through remote rural land. After 1.5 mi where Goshen Run Rd turns W, go E on Williams Bridge Rd.
    20 Williams Bridge over West Branch Wolf Creek
    Long known as the Barkhurst Mills Covered Bridge, this bridge is known today as the Williams' Bridge. The bridge was built in 1872 by John Shrake, then one of central and southeastern Ohio's foremost bridge builders. The mill for which the bridge is named stood about 75 feet away on the north side of Wolf Creek. The bridge is built with multiple king post trusses, a system of upright posts with diagonal braces widely used for construction of wooden bridges in Ohio during the 19th century. Go W on Williams Bridge Rd (C21). After 0.5 mi where Williams Bridge Rd turns S, join active skid road that climbs through private land past old barn w/Pr to Sandy Lane. Continue W. After 0.5 mi, merge onto SR 377 and go S past Buckeye Ridge Rd (0.45 mi, C7, exits S). Sidewalk is now available on E side of SR 377.

Current Point numbers, distances, and locations:

0.0 58.1 1 Lincoln Highway Rd (T13) at Hedge Rd (T2)
3.8 54.3 2 Trail Junction near SR 78
6.5 51.6 3 Wood Grove Rd (C27) Crossing just S of Campsite H
12.9 45.2 4 BT at SR 78/SR 83 near Bridge over Dyes Fork (P)
16.6 41.5 5 Foot Trail on ATV Trail at McMannis-Riggs Rd (T946) W of Culvert
18.5 39.6 6 BT at McMannis-Riggs Rd (T946)
19.4 38.7 7 McMannis-Riggs Rd (T946) at Onion Run Rd (T232)
21.1 37.0 8 Slivka Rd (C106) at Unionville Rd (C11)
22.0 36.1 9 Hooppole Ridge Rd (C11) at Cooper Ridge Rd (T233)
23.5 34.6 10 Cooper Rd (T233) at Olney Run Rd (T150)
25.8 32.3 11 Olney Run Rd (T150) at Groah Rd (T176)
26.7 31.4 12 Groah Rd (T176) at Moore Point Lookout Rd (C36)
28.2 29.9 13 McCoy Ridge Rd (C6) at Patterson Ridge Rd (T181) and McCord Ridge Rd.(C6)
29.9 28.2 14 Patterson Ridge Rd (T181) at Debout Rd (C6)
31.3 26.8 15 SR 266 at Market St (C2) in Stockport
32.7 25.4 16 Salt Works Hill Rd (T23) at SR 792
24.7 23.4 17 Starling Lane (T 23A) at Lightner Ridge Rd (T 22)
36.1 22.0 18 Lightner Ridge Rd (T22) at Tabor Ridge Rd (C66)
38.3 19.8 19 Tabor Ridge Rd (C66) at Goshen Run Rd (C52)
40.2 17.9 20 Williams Bridge over West Branch Wolf Creek
42.5 15.6 21 SR 377 at SR 555 in Chesterhill
43.5 14.6 22 Henman Rd (T53) at Thomas Rd (C82)
45.3 12.8 23 Thomas Rd (C82) at SR 555
47.8 10.3 24 Hoffman Rd (T55) at Newburn Rd (T58)
48.7 9.4 25 Newburn Rd (T58) at Wood Rd (C53)
50.4 7.7 26 Wood Rd (C53) at Westland Rd (C39)
52.0 6.1 27 Westland Rd (C39) at South Elliott Rd (C4)
53.5 4.6 28 Wells Rd (T102) at Miller Rd (C101) and SR 555
54.8 3.3 29 Miller Rd (C101) at Rock Hollow Rd (T67)
55.9 2.2 30 Rock Hollow Lane (T67) at Van Horn Hill Rd (T110)
58.1 0.0 31 SR 78 at East Branch Church Rd (C58)

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