Pretty Run Property . . .

The 190 acres sits atop the ridges and includes streams that feed into Pretty Run in northern Vinton County in Southeastern Ohio. Situated off the beaten path just south of the Hocking Hills Region black bear and bobcat have been sighted in the area by volunteers and visitors as they worked and hiked around the rock outcroppings and stream bottoms.

The property we are protecting from potential development and fragmentation is itself not a "pristine" environment, portions of the property have recently been logged and portions have been left unaltered. But what will the future hold? The story of Wayne National Forest here in Southern Ohio is in large part a conservation success. Dubbed "the lands that nobody wanted" due to the stripped and eroding hills in the 1930's, today we enjoy a regenerated hardwood forest canopy. Someone had foresight back then to invest in the future, and we are asking the same of you now. You can help the Buckeye Trail Association purchase this property with a donation to the Buckeye Trail Preservation Fund today.

The vision of the Buckeye Trail is to connect lands and communities around the state with a trail that can be hiked in part for a day or in its 1,400+ mile entirety. The eventual completion of this vision aims to improve the quality of life for the residents of Ohio, create a destination for visitors and provide an opportunity for reconnecting to Ohio’s natural and cultural heritage for generations to come.

Contributing to the Cause

A contribution to the Buckeye Trail Association’s Trail Preservation Fund will help us purchase additional land as it becomes available.

We offer two options for making a tax-deductible donation to the Trail Preservation Fund:

  • Download this mail in form and return it with your check
  • Donate to the Trail Preservation Fund through PayPal with your credit card: