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Trail Description

Supervisor: Scott Pendleton
• 740-942-2624

63.9 Total Miles / 24.4 Off Road Miles (38.2%)
Map Publication Date: May 2012

Much of the Bowerston section follows county and township roads but Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District properties provide many miles of off-road experience. The trail skirts Leesville Lake, passes through the town of Bowerston, and follows the shorelines of Tappan, Clendening, and Piedmont Lakes. After passing through the small town of Smyrna, the trail continues along a very scenic township road and over a covered bridge at Skull Fork.

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Trail Alerts

  • (5/25/2017) The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) has been removing pines of various species from the land between Points 13 and 14. Since many of these species are not native to the land, the MWCD hopes that restoration of the native deciduous forest will improve the productivity and appearance of the forest. However, the removal of the pines has removed many blaze trees and, in addition, has permitted the sun to reach the former forest floor with the result that berry bushes and multiflora roses have taken over temporarily. Eventually, as the deciduous forest develops again, the trail may be restored.
    In the meantime, Section Supervisor Scott Pendleton recommends the route described below. The distance of the detour is slightly shorter than the distance of the trail that it replaces - 1.4 mi on detour compared to 1.6 mi on former trail.

    CW CCW Pt Description
    13 Willis Run Rd (T213) at Church Rd (T211)
    Church Rd exits NW. Continue SW on Willis Run Rd. Stay on Willis Run Rd past any blazes that may attempt to lure you onto a forest path. The bay that Willis Run Rd will cross is Willis Run Bay. After 1.2 mi, Willis Run Road ends. Note: There is an ODOT Roadside Park 0.1 mi E on US-250 (P, PT, Pr, Ws). Follow BT W onto US-250 across Willis Run Bay.
    14 Gated Access Road at US-250 on SW Corner of Willis Run Bay
    Continue W on US-250. After 750', turn S onto Eslick Rd and cross dam with a great view of Tappan Lake. From here on, follow the text as written in the Bowerston Map Edition of May 2012.

  • (4/10/2017) ODOT is repairing the SR 799 causeways across Clendening Reservoir. This work closes SR 799 to both hiking and automobile use across the reservoir. ODOT expects the repairs to be completed by late summer.
    In the meantime, Section Supervisor Scott Pendleton recommends the detour described below for hikers. The distance of the detour is slightly shorter, about 1/4 mile, than the distance of the trail that it replaces.

    CW CCW Pt Description
    20 Brushy Fork Rd (C1) at Elk Run Rd (T340)
    Go SE on Elk Run Rd across the Brushy Fork (160'). After 0.2 mi, continue on Elk Run Rd past the vacated township road where trail is currently marked. After 250', turn S onto Dysart Rd (T345) and ascend. At the top of the ridge (1.5 mi), turn W onto Kennedy Ridge Rd (T20) which is paved. Continue generally W with minor undulations past Blue Trail Rd (1.9 mi, exits NE). Almost immediately (200'), enter an extended intersection with Valley Knoll Rd (T253) and exit same in just 250', now heading NW on Kennedy Ridge Rd. After 1.4 mi at end of Kennedy Ridge Rd, join SR 799 (Clendening Lake Rd). Here is the end of the detour. Continue generally W on SR 799.
    22 SR 799 and Scott Hill Rd (C62)
    Turn S and ascend slightly on Scott Hill Rd. (paved, becomes dirt). Follow the text as contained in the Bowerston Map Edition of May 2012.
  • (3/13/11) This Alert applies to the April 2010 Edition of the Bowerston Section Map. While the Alert does not apply directly to the trail itself, it does affect hikers by describing how to access the camping facilities at the barn, leased from Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District by the Buckeye Trail Association.

    DIRECTIONS TO BTA BARN From Point 17, go E on Moravian Trail Rd (C 2) through Deersville, past the Entrance to Tappan Lake Park and on another 1/2 mile to Beall Rd. (T 210). Turn NE onto Beall Rd. In 1/4 mile, Johnson Hill Rd (T 298) exits Beall Rd heading E. This intersection is marked also by a sign nailed to a tree "House". Do not turn. Instead, continue N past the sign and descend for 1 mile on narrow, gravel, twisting Beall Rd. to the BARN. Beall Rd. deadends at a house which is off limits to all except residents of the house! Please respect their privacy.

    Camp and park cars preferably in the field beside of or behind the barn. Unless you plan to leave your car longer than a few hours, you may park in a graveled area W of Beall Rd. across from the barn.

Map Updates

  • (6/17/2015)

    Attention Through-Hikers - This Update does not affect the trail itself. At Point 17, Moravian Trail Rd (C2) at Adams Rd (T303), the little post office in Deersville is now closed. The closure is probably permanent.

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