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Trail Description

Miami and Erie Canal near Napoleon.
Andrew Bashaw

Supervisor: Allen Deemer
• 419-258-2274

53.5 Total Miles / 37.5 Off Road Miles (70.1%)
Map Publication Date: July 2017

The southern half of this section is all on-road. It follows county roads with light traffic. The trail then enters the city of Defiance where it follows sidewalk along tree-lined streets, crosses the Maumee River, and turns east through Pontiac Park, where there is a monument to Johnny Appleseed. The trail continues on-road to and through Independence Dam State Park, past the old canal locks. It follows along the Miami and Erie Canal on the towpath most of the way through Napoleon and on past Providence to Waterville.

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Map Updates

  • (7/12/17)Independence Dam State Park is now offering 25 walk-in, non-electric campsites and non-potable water. They are available on a first come, first serve basis. Register upon arrival at the kiosk at the entrance to the campground. The park's web site is http://parks.ohiodnr.gov/independencedam
  • (7/7/17)A new Defiance map is now available with the publish date of July 2017.
  • (8/6/16) The map in effect is Edition of August 2012 which is currently under revision. This map update is posted now to report several additions to possible campsites. Insert 3 locations between the first and last paragraphs of the "CAMPING ALONG THE TRAIL" section of the map.
    Also, since publication of the Edition of August 2012, US-24 has been relocated away from its former location along the north bank of the Maumee River. That road is now a county road designated as C424. It is frequently named "Old US 24."

    1. Just east of the culvert that conducts Bad Creek beneath Old US-24 in Texas, camp at Camp Widewater. With as much advance notice as possible (2 days minimum), contact the Director at cell phone - 419-262-7598. Additional details will be provided during this initial contact.
    For initial planning purposes, this information is given. To reach the entrance of Camp Widewater, go east from the Bad Creek culvert for 0.26 mi. The entrance is on the north side of Old US-24, [41.42275°N, 83.94167°W]. To return to the trail, continue east along Old US-24 another 0.45 mi to Catherine Drive, [41.42132°N, 83.93546°W]. A farm access road leaves from the north side of Old US-24 at essentially this same location. Go south a few feet to rejoin the main trail.

    2. Between Points 16 and 17, camp (fee) at Mary Jane Thurston State Park west of Grand Rapids. Leave the trail just E of Ludwig’s Mill to climb up to SR-295. Follow SR-295 on bridge across the Maumee R. Turn W onto Front St and continue through Grand Rapids business district to docks for small boats on short canal (0.5 mi). Leave Front St and follow heel path of canal W into State Park past lock (0.3 mi). Camping is located across creek. Park Office is somewhat S near entrance off SR-65.

    3. Near Point 18, two sites (fee) are available within Farnsworth Metropark (Metroparks Toledo). These sites may be reserved up to a year ahead at http:// www.reservations.metroparks_toledo.com/camping

  • (6/15/13) The most recent edition of the Defiance Section, August 2012, replaces all previous editions. During the Spring of 2012, the trail between Napoleon and Providence was moved from the south side of the Maumee River to its north side. For those who purchased the Edition of January 2011, the following abbreviated map description is provided. Of course, you may use any previous maps but the Points employed may be different. As a result of the reroute, overall distance has been reduced about a mile.

    Points are taken from the current trail line and presented in the clockwise (CW) direction. The code on the left side of each point is the distance from the first point to the instant point. That number is followed but the distance in the counter direction (CCW) measured between the end point in the section and the instant point. In the line below, read the direction that one should face in order to follow the trail. As with distance, the left most character shows the CW direction. That character is followed by the CCW direction.
1 SR 111 at Road 153 near Junction
DEFIANCE SECTION begins here. DELPHOS SECTION describes the next section CCW (S).
2 Defiance-Paulding County Line Road 8 at Hammersmith Road 18
3 Canal Heel-Path at Ball Road 19 and Canal Road 156
4 Canal Road 156 at Kiser Road 30 and Kibble Road 155
5 CS Jackson Ave at Deatrick St (G)
6 Point of Land at Confluence of Auglaize and Maumee Rivers
7 Clinton St (SR 66) at River Drive (SR 424)
8 Independence Dam State Park Marina Office: 419-784-3263, P, Pr, T, Ws)
9 Towpath at C17 in Village of Florida
10 Bridge on Dam across Canal
11 Benien Creek Culvert 41.362464°, -84.153439°]
12 Front St at Perry St (Napoleon)
Facilities in Napoleon: G, M, PO: 43545 (206 W Washington St), R. P along trail at Meyerholtz Wildlife Area, Ritter Park and River Downs Park. Head E on Front St. After 3 blocks, enter River Downs Park.
Go NE through parking. Turn N across lawn past sign for Arboretum. Soon, go between WCs and ball diamond. Turn E past P along E Main St. After 0.19 mi, turn N onto Stout St away from park. After 2 blocks at end of Stout St, turn NE onto E Riverview Ave (SR 424). Continue NE beneath Former Detroit Toledo and Ironton (D T & I) RR (0.1 mi), above Oberhaus Creek Culvert (0.3 mi) and past restaurant. After 0.19 mi at entrance to All Ohio Concrete Plant [41.401707°, -84.110865°], bear right onto trail on towpath that parallels SR 424. Continue NE past scattered houses on path that is sometimes obvious towpath and sometimes not.
13 Vorwerk Park
Facilities: Charcoal Braziers, P, Pr, PT, W
This little park is located across SR 424 from Henry County Hospital. Leave park E on Towpath Trail across trail bridge. Continue generally E past tilled fields and through wooded areas. After 1.2 mi, jog N 150’ on farm access drive to SR 424 [41.411192°, -84.065691°]. Continue E along SR 424 that will cross above US 6. After 0.4 mi at access drive [41.412826°, -84.058114°], leave SR 424 to jog S 85’. Turn E on Towpath Trail through wooded area. After 0.8 mi at chain link fence, Towpath Trail jogs a bit N before turning back E just outside of paving company fence near SR 424. Continue E through a box culvert beneath paving company drive and then alongside building. Towpath Trail returns to towpath in wooded area after 0.26 mi. After 0.24 mi, turn N on footpath built into RR grade fill. (Do not follow ATV trail over RR grade!) After 150’, turn E onto short sidewalk beneath D T & I Overpass. After 0.11 mi, jog S 50’ on access road. Turn E onto remains of towpath in woods. After 1.1 mi, enter a large private parking area near intersection of SR 109 and SR 424. NCT hikers may leave BT here. Liberty Center is just 2 mi N on SR 109. BT hikers: continue E across SR 109 into the North Turkeyfoot Area of Mary Jane Thurston State Park.
14 Parking Area for Hikers in North Turkeyfoot
Area Mary Jane Thurston State Park (P, PT)
[41.412511°, -83.99675°] Go N on entrance drive to SR 424 and turn E. After 0.24 mi, SR 424 crosses North Turkeyfoot Creek using former canal culvert. Continue N on SR 424 for 0.19 mi to dirt drive. Go S 200’ to hunter parking area (Bulletin Board, P, PT) [41.414775°, -83.989527°]. Exit E on grassy path that turns S. In 150’, turn E through old shed. After 0.26 mi at trail intersection, jog N onto gravel drive. After 500’, join SR 424 heading E. In 200’, SR 424 crosses Dry Creek using a stone culvert built for the canal. If interested, a view is found with a little bushwhacking S of the road. After another 500’, join Towpath Trail above Dry Creek. After 0.4 mi [41.419028°, -83.974190°], cross ODNR drive to river access w/P. After 0.35 mi, towpath disappears, probably because of erosion caused by Maumee R. Drop onto grassy flat along river and continue E. After 0.45 mi, trail returns to narrow towpath above river with one temporary departure onto lawn. After 0.6 mi at grassy area, further progress on towpath trail is blocked by structure. Jog N and continue E along SR 424 [41.423540°, -83.950217°] in Texas. After 0.19 mi, SR 424 crosses Bad Creek Culvert, a twin culvert in excellent condition. Directly above the culvert in the shrubs, note the monument noting the completion in 1842 of "Sec No 53 W. & E. C.” by James Durbin. After 0.15 mi just past another culverted stream, leave SR 424 onto Towpath Trail [41.423139°, -83.943809°] that continues E between houses and SR 424. After 0.7 mi, continue E on Towpath Trail above tilled field. Enter wooded area after 0.7 mi. After 0.5 mi, pass site of former Rice Lock 42 (sign faces road). After 0.15 mi, leave the towpath across foot bridge and join SR 424 [41.420469°, -83.905375°] heading E.
15 SR 424 at Bucklin’s Lock 43 (P)
Canal traffic towards Toledo entered the slackwater provided by Providence Dam ahead. Head E along SR 424. After 0.9 mi, pass Henry Lucas County Line Road (exits N) where you will leave Henry Cty to enter Lucas Cty. After 0.5 mi, pass Providence Neapolis Rd (exits N). Watch for Pt 16 in 300’.
16 SR 424 at Entrance to Service Area
Providence Metropark (Toledo Metroparks)
Hiker’s only! Turn S into service area for Providence Metropark, a unit of Toledo Metroparks. This park features a watered segment of the Miami Erie Canal, working canal lock, mule-drawn canal boat and Ludwig's Mill that has been restored to demonstrate a working water-powered mill. Ludwig's Mill shows both a saw mill and stone flouring mill. Follow blazes generally E between canal and SR 424 to parking for Dam Area (P, PT, WC). In 0.18 mi, jog S across canal. Follow Towpath Trail SE. After 0.4 mi, pass Ludwig's Mill. Within a few feet, pass restored Providence Lock 44. After 0.24 mi, pass Kimball’s Landing. Here, tickets may be purchased for the short ride through Lock 44 to Ludwig’s Mill by canal boat. Continue generally E on the Towpath Trail. After 0.9 mi, leave Providence Park to enter Bendview Park, a unit of Toledo Metroparks. Continue to meander on Towpath Trail along the right bank of the Maumee R past many small islands.
17 Bendview Overlook
18 Farnsworth Metropark
19 Park Trail at River Rd
20 River Rd at Mechanic St (SR 64) in Waterville (G, PO: 43566, R)
DEFIANCE SECTION ends here. The next Section CW (E) is described in the PEMBERVILLE SECTION.

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