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Trail Description

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Supervisor: Mary Hamilton
• 330-602-4071

53.7 Total Miles / 25 Off Road Miles (46.6%)
Map Publication Date: April 2012

The Massillon Section begins in Hartville where the Mogadore Section ends. The north end of the trail follows suburban roads past Nimisilla Reservoir, a unit of Portage Lakes State Park. In Crystal Springs, the trail connects to the south end of the Akron Section on towpath. This junction closes the 'Little Loop' of the Buckeye Trail. The little loop comprises the Akron, Bedford, Burton, Mogadore and Massillon Sections. The Massillon Section continues along the Towpath Trail, a unit of Stark Parks. Former towpath is followed through the remainder of Stark County and much of Tuscarawas County. The trail visits the towns of Massillon, Navarre and Bolivar. South of Zoarville, the Buckeye Trail again follows country roads past Camp Tuscazoar into the Bowerston section.

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Trail Alerts

  • (1/20/17) There has been a landslide along the trail where it follows Boy Scout Road between Points 24 and 25. According to the a posting by the Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Office, co.tuscarawas.oh.us/TCSO/roadclosings.html, "1/24/2017 BOY SCOUT RD (CR 83) FAIRFIELD TWP AT RIVERCREST FARMS 1/2 MILE SOUTH OF OLD ZOARVILLE RD AND 1.7 MILES NORTH OF BISSEL CHURCH RD, WILL BE CLOSED NOON TODAY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE FOR ROAD SLIP". This information was first submitted to us by Steve Walker, Co-Organizer Muskingum Lakes Chapter, on 1/24/2017. No alternative route is provided at this time.

    Although no one has checked, you might be able to cross the damaged section of road. Of course, that action would be at your own risk.

  • (8/7/16) This Alert concerns the trail between Points 19 and 20. According to the Starks Parks web site a construction project near the trail will close the Trail south of Riverland Ave. and north of Canal Bend and McDonnell Trailheads for entire days and some short periods through Sept. 2016. Updates will be posted on their web site at http://www.starkparks.com/trail_updates.asp at least once a week if the construction schedule changes.
    • Aug. 8 to 23, Trail Open with possible short term closures
    • Aug. 24 to 26, Trail Closed
    • Aug. 27 and 28, Trail Open
    • Aug. 29 to Sept. 1, Trail Closed

    The detour is to exit the trail at Point 19 at Riverland Ave. Go S on Riverland Ave 3.18 miles to OH-212. Staying on the north side of OH-212, turn E on OH-212, cross over the bridge and turn immediately N into trailhead parking lot. Follow the trail north out of the parking lot .36 miles to Point 20. Rejoin BT and Ohio Erie Canal Towpath Trail as they turn E across fill in canal prism.

Map Updates

  • (8/15/17) This Trail Change includes both good and bad news.

    1. Strike out the first sentence under Point 18 which reads, “Look for campsite near gazebo (See Pt 17.) close to river.” The local police will ask you to leave. Apparently, this privilege was revoked without notice.

    2. But wait! There is good news. Primitive camping (no facilities) is available on Tim Singer’s property on either side of the Tuscarawas R at Point 19, only $5.00 per head. Because parking is limited, hikers wishing to basecamp from vehicles here have limited opportunity. Contact Tim Singer to confirm your desires. Although Singer did say that drop-ins would be accommodated, at least a day’s notice seems like common courtesy. Contact Tim at or 330-775-2198.

    The header lines for the 2 points mentioned here are shown below.

    CW CCW Pt
    31.2 22.4 18 Craig Pittman Memorial Park (C, P, Pr, PT)
    33.2 20.4 19 OECTT at Riverland Rd (T-298)

  • (6/29/15) This change is made possible courtesy of Stark Parks who manage and maintain the Towpath Trail within Stark County. ODOT has extended the Stark Parks section of the Towpath Trail a little further south on the levee and built a ramp to access and cross the Tuscarawas R on the Tremont Avenue Bridge.

    This route offers additional views of downtown Massillon without any increase in BT distance through Massillon. (You may have read that this trail modification removed about ½ mile from the overall trail distance. However, that reduction had already been largely achieved on the BT. It used an old set of stairs that were not available to mounted cyclists.)

    CW CCW Pt
    14 O & E Canalway Towpath Trail (OECTT) at Lincoln Way (SR 172)
    The former OECTT leaves here for downtown Massillon (G, P, PO:44646, R) on the Coxey Memorial Bridge. BT continues S on OECT beneath Tremont Ave Bridge only to return to the bridge on ramp (0.2 mi). Go W across Tuscarawas R. After 0.12 mi, follow sidewalks S along Fifth St. In 1 block, OECTT turns E but BT continues S along Fifth St. In 2 blocks, turn E onto sidewalks along Perry Ave. In 1 block, rejoin OECTT. Enter Oak Knoll Park (Pr, PS, PT, W) on a dirt service road. In 125', the trail becomes a paved bikeway and continues generally S. After 0.2 mi at the end of the paved trail, go E across Tuscarawas R on sidewalk along Walnut St.
    15 Walnut St at OECTT
    Turn S on OECTT beside levee that lies between SR 21 and Tuscarawas R. In 2500', BT, etc.
  • (2/1/11) A new Massilon map has been published (Feb. 2011) and is now available for ordering.
  • (1/7/14) This change is made possible courtesy of Stark Parks who manage and maintain the Towpath Trail within Stark County. In order to use every available foot of canal lands within Stark County for trail, Stark Parks extended the Towpath Trail to the very edge of Stark County on a bank of the Tuscarawas R and built a trail bridge across the river into Tuscarawas County. This extension was completed in November 2013.

    This Map Update applies specifically to the Edition of February 2011 (Massillon Section). The route of the trail described in the text under Point 20A was changed. Not feeling that the material under Point 20A needs to be broken out any longer, its material is now incorporated within Point 20 as written below. The change extends the length of the Massillon Section by 0.1 mi. Add 0.1 mi to the published CW distance of all points greater than Point 21. Add 0.1 mi to the published CCW distance of all points less than Point 20.

    The change may also be applied to the Edition of November 2009. In that case, old Point 20 was formerly at SR 212 just E of the highway bridge across the Tuscarawas R. New Point 20 is about 0.2 mi N of old Pt 20. Other than this small difference, use the description below along with the instruction above and you are good to go.
    CW CCW Pt
    20 3-Way Trail Junction
    40.657200°N, 81.485267°W] An improved trail goes S to a small Trailhead (0.17 mi, P, Pr) off SR 212 just E of bridge across Tuscarawas R. Turn E on Towpath Trail across fill in canal prism and climb to edge of field. After 0.8 mi, cross Shepler Church Rd and continue E. After 0.3 mi, cross trail bridge that rests on the footers for the aqueduct that carried Ohio & Erie Canal safely above the Tuscarawas R. And the Tuscarawas/Stark Cty line lies approximately at the NW end of the bridge. Across the bridge, meander generally W away from towpath on trail and private drive to SR 212 (0.14 mi). Join SR 212 which arcs NE. The canal prism will soon be along NW side of road. Just past RR underpass, SR 212 turns hard SE and continues into Bolivar while the canal prism continues NE.
    21 SR 212 (Poplar St) at Park St in Bolivar
    As SR 212 turns S onto Park St, continue E on on Poplar St, etc.

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