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Trail Description

Andrew Bashaw

Supervisor: Deven Atkinson & Bob Litt
• 740-947-7805

60.9 Total Miles / 36.6 Off Road Miles (60.1%)
Map Publication Date: February 2012

The Scioto Trail Section traverses portions of Vinton, Hocking, Ross and Pike counties. These are the legendary foothills of the Appalachians - beautiful southern Ohio hill country. The BT passes through three state forests - Tar Hollow State Forest, Scioto Trail State Forest, and Pike State Forest. These forests have state parks nearby, affording plentiful camping and recreational facilities for individuals and groups. The trail through the state forests is either off-road or on state forest access roads. The Scioto Trail Section begins on State Route 327 just east of Tar Hollow State Forest. It works its way northwest through the forest up to the Tar Hollow Fire Tower, then southward through state forest and private lands to US Route 50, just west of Londonderry. These miles provide some beautiful sections of forested off-road trail as well as some spectacular views of the surrounding countryside from a variety of ridgetops. The Buckeye Trail then connects to Scioto Trail State Forest via pastureland, backcountry roads and picturesque off-road ridgetops overlooking the Scioto River valley, crossing the Scioto River just before entering the Scioto Trail State Forest. The trail west of Scioto Trail State Forest follows mostly remote, scenic backroads to the small crossroads of Nipgen, just outside of Pike State Forest. The western terminus of the section is in Pike State Forest, southeast of Pike Lake Dam.

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Trail Alerts

  • (March 23, 2018)

    Bob Litt, Scioto Trail Section Co-Supervisor, has reported (3/17/18) what he thought was selective logging that took place recently from Point 16 on towards Point 17. Because of limited time, he could inspect no more than 100 yards west of Point 16. As far as he could tell the trail will probably be useable, although perhaps with difficulty, because the region may be muddy. He pointed out that the logging company has built a haul road just down from the previous trail. The haul road takes over the trail after about 50 yards. Bob documented his observation with the attached photo which shows the logging road, apparently now recovered, which was built over the former trail. See the picture to the left.

  • (October 13, 2016) Trail Alert affects Points 8 & 9

    Off road trail (2.0 mi) has been lost between Blue Lick Road (former Point 8) and US 50 (former Point 9). Unfortunately, the Buckeye Trail management feels that this loss may be permanent. Consequently, both Points 8 and 9 are being reassigned. Details are provided in the table below.

    You may notice that the text under Point 7 claims only 0.9 mi between Point 7 and the former Point 8. The current map erroneously reports 1.2 mi. The shorter distance is correct.

    The new length of the Scioto Trail Section is now 60.9 mi. Compare with the former 61.2 mi. The length of trail off road in this section has been reduced to 36.6 mi or 61%.

    CW CCW Pt Description
    7. North End of Blue Lick Rd (T224)
    BT follows Blue Lick Road S. After 0.9 mi, pass 1081 Blue Lick Road, the site of the now historic Point 8 where the trail entered a sizeable off-road segment. Continue S on Blue Lick Rd. After 1.1 mi, Blue Lick Rd ends. BT joins SR 327 and turns S. After 0.26 mi, cross bridge over Blue Lick Run.
    8. SR 327 at US 50 in Londonderry
    Facilities: G and PO: 45647. At this 4-way intersection, SR 327 ends. Turn W onto US 50 and continue past the large Londonderry Cemetery.
    9. US 50 at Hanna Lane
    BT turns S off US 50 onto Hanna Lane (T216). Here is the end of this reroute. Follow the trail description in your Scioto Trail Map Edition of March 2011.

Map Updates

    On the weekend of April 1, 2016, the Buckeye Trail Crew rerouted the trail between Point 12, Hiker’s Culvert beneath US 35, and Point 13, Crossroads near Microwave Relay, which happens also to be near the top of Hang Glider Hill. The reroute was required because much more of this hill had been clearcut by the owners. In that process, the former trail was destroyed. As a result of the reroute, the length of the trail between Points 12 and 13 was shortened by 0.45 mile. Revised text for this trail segment is presented below.
    CW CCW Pt Description
    12 Culvert beneath US 35
    The south exit from this tunnel is located at [39.23060° N, 82.83402° W]. BT turns generally S on benched trail that more-or-less parallels US 35. The trail was built by the Buckeye Trail Crew on fill that is grass-covered but later becomes early succession woodland. After exiting woods (0.26 mi), BT begins to turn W away from US 35 and reenter early succession woods. Trail continues to turn to NW and climbs with two switchbacks to old logging road at top of ridge (0.3 mi). [39.22675° N, 82.83547° W] BT turns hard SSE onto logging road and follows it as it undulates and meanders along the ridge.
    13 "Crossroads" near Microwave Relay
    [39.22113° N, 82.83956° W] You have come this far. The wonderful view across the Scioto R. valley from Hang Glider Hill is just 560' SE past the fenced tower. Go for it!
    The reroute ends here. Follow your Scioto Trail Map, Edition of February 2012, on west.
  • (July 2013) This update is based on the Scioto Trail Section guide edition of March 2010. A little past Pt 30 travelling south on SR 772, the hiker will pass an operating minimarket/gasoline station. The owner has whimsically named his place “Fredneck’s Mini Mart”! Phone: 740-626-7078.

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